Ansar Ahmed Sheikh, India’s Youngest IAS Officer’s Inspiring Tale

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The autorickshaw driver’s son, Ansar Ahmed Sheikh, made history in 2016 by becoming India’s youngest IAS officer at the age of 21, inspiring countless people with his extraordinary rise from impoverished origins to the highest echelon of the civil service.

After passing the UPSC exam on his first try, Ansar Ahmed Sheikh has the distinction of being the youngest IAS officer in India. His success serves as a testament to the strength of tenacity and commitment in the face of adversity.

Ansar’s family was struggling to make ends meet because of poor conditions that led to financial troubles. Nevertheless, he persisted in pursuing his goals in spite of the difficulties. Ansar created history in 2016 when he broke all prior records in one of the hardest tests.

Ansar is a lowly man who comes from humble beginnings. His mother works in the fields, while his father drives an autorickshaw. The family lives in Shelgaon village, which is in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra’s Jalna district. They rent their house there.

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Raised in abject poverty, Ansar put in a lot of effort from an early age to meet his family’s necessities. Even though his family didn’t value education, they were under pressure to stop him from going to school because of challenging conditions. Still, Ansar, who was always a very good student, never gave up on learning.

In the UPSC test at age 21, Ansar, against all odds, scored an outstanding All India Rank of 361. He had previously received a 91% in his X board exams and a 73% in his graduation from Fergusson College, Pune, where he studied political science, before breaking the record as the youngest IAS officer in India.

Ansar’s poor family provided him with help during his UPSC exam preparation, showing their dedication to his education. His outstanding accomplishments demonstrate how his persistent commitment and diligence set him apart from the competition.