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Bigg Boss Tamil : Aishwarya Breaks The Bigg Boss Rule

Bigg Boss Tamil Promo for the day July 24 is released. In this video, there is a fight between Aishwarya and Vaishnavi and Vaishanvai seeking Sendrayan support. Here is the video.

In the previous promo, we have seen that Vaishnavi is translating few things which Aishwarya Dutta said in Hindi. This created a huge issue in Bigg Boss house. Aishwarya got tensed and Vaishnavi is trying to convince her.

When Vaishnavi speaking to Aishwarya, she is not ready to accept what she is saying. Aishwarya got tensed and shouting. When Vaishnavi said to Aishwarya that I have said soo many good things about you, she said I won’t accept. Vaishnavi asked to Sendrayan about her support to Aishwarya. He saying yes yes Vaishanvai said a good thing about Aishwarya to me.

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