A New Clash Between Losliya And Meera.!

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Successfully Bigg Boss has completed the whole second week and in yesterday Fathima Babu officially eliminated from the Bigg Boss house. Before leaving the stage Kamal has gave her a power that she can choose three people who she wants to be this week captain. So, she chose Tharshan, Abhirami, Sandy

So, for this week Tharshan, Abhirami, Sandy can competent for this week leader election. And today we will come to know who is going to this week leader. Hopefully, it will be Abhirami because Bigg Boss will definitely save her and keep her out the nomination.

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To save contestants from the elimination the audience should vote them. To cast your vote, follow the link “Bigg Boss Tamil Vote” and find the guidelines. One person can have 10 votes, which can be also split among different nominated contestants. People can also vote with the missed call.