How 3-foot-tall Ganesh Baraiya became a doctor despite the Medical Council of India’s disapproval!

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The Medical Council of India barred Dr. Baraiya, then 23 years old, from pursuing an MBBS a few years ago.

Ganesh Baraiya, who is three feet tall, didn’t let his height prevent him from fulfilling his ambition of becoming a doctor. A few years ago, the Medical Council of India banned Dr. Baraiya, who is currently 23 years old, from pursuing an MBBS because of his small stature. Unfazed, Baraiya sought assistance from his school principal, went to the state Education Minister and District Collector, and finally knocked on the doors of the Gujarat High Court..

The Gujarat High Court dismissed the lawsuit against Baraiya. After that, he filed a case with the Supreme Court, won it in 2018, and was accepted into the MBBS in 2019. Following his MBBS, Dr. Baraiya interned at the Sir-T hospital in Bhavnagar.

“The Medical Council of India committee denied me due to my height after I completed the form, passed Class 12 and the NEET exam to enroll in MBBS program. They suggested that because I’m short, I won’t be able to manage emergency cases. I then discussed this with Revasish Servaiya and my principal at Nilkanth Vidyapeeth, Dr. Dalpath Bhai Katariya, and asked them what might be done to address it “Dr. Baraiya says

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They instructed me to meet the Minister of Education for Gujarat and the Collector of Bhavnagar. We chose to take the case to the Gujarat High Court, as instructed by the Collector of Bhavnagar. We were joined by two additional individuals who had distinct abilities.We chose to appeal the ruling at the Supreme Court after we were unsuccessful in our argument before the High Court,” he continued.

How Dr. Baraiya’s MBBS career began
The Supreme Court granted him admission to the MBBS program in 2018. However, the MBBS course admissions for 2018 had already ended by that point. Thus, the Supreme Court declared that he would be admitted to the MBBS program in 2019.

“I took admission at the Government Medical College at Bhavnagar and my MBBS journey started,” said Dr. Baraiya. Initial perception of patients
Dr. Baraiya’s diminutive stature influences his patients’ initial impressions of him. He has said that initially, people assess him based only on his height. But eventually they settle in and acknowledge him as their physician.

“When patients initially see me, they act a little surprised, but eventually they come to accept me and my original behavior. They treat me with kindness and positivity. They also experience happiness “explained Dr. Baraiya.