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Bigg Boss promo 2 for the day August 3 is released. In this promo video, Kajini Kanth movie team is entering into the Bigg Boss house. Arya, Sathis and DD are coming. Here is the video.

In Bigg Boss Tamil, occasionally some movie team will go inside Bigg Boss house and they will spend a day with the contestants. A few weeks back “kadai kutti singam and Vishwaroopam” movie entered in to Bigg Boss house. Now “Kajini Kanth” movie team entered in to Bigg Boss house. Contestants were very happy after seeing the Kajini Kanth movie team.

Arya saying that DD is the wildcard entry in Bigg Boss and DD is refusing it. Actor Sathis saying that I have seen all the episode and in fact, I have seen tomorrow episode too. He is teasing Sendrayan that after seeing your angry I thought that you will do something in Queen task but you are hitting yourself.

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