Home Entertainment Youtuber Irfan called off his wedding after engagement. Deets here.

Youtuber Irfan called off his wedding after engagement. Deets here.


There will be no one who does not know about YouTube celebrity and food critic Irfan. Food commentator Irfan goes to various hotels eats the food and reviews it on his YouTube channel. He became popular among the people. He would go to many towns and eat in many hotels and leave comments on it. Also, he always wears a half-trouser and goes from the alley shop to a luxurious Hotel overseas to eat and criticize. He has received many awards for his review.

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, who was once a special guest at one of the awards ceremonies, also said that would enjoy watching Irfan’s YouTube videos. Not only that he compliments that he would feel jealous to see Irfan’s eating style. Irfan’s friends had posted his engagement video on social media. Fans were shocked to see that.

Irfan’s Engagement:

Then he released a video about this. In which he said, ‘I am engaged. See my complete outfit’.  People congratulated him and he also said that the marriage will take place in 4 months after his engagement. Following this, fans and netizens kept asking about his wedding. Now after 4 months there is no information about the marriage and fans were asking various questions about this.

Questions from fans:

I’m not saying that everything should fit exactly. Marriage is a custom. I have to travel with her throughout our life. After the engagement was over it seemed to be not working between us. When I told this in my house about this at first, they did not agree. I was taken to a psychiatrist and examined. No matter how much I tried to get married my mind doesn’t agree.

You can’t live life with someone you don’t like. It’s hard for both to tackle. Not only that, marriage is not only about two alone but two families.

Called off:

‘I stopped the marriage thinking that this would cause many people to lose their peace. I told them that I don’t want to get married. It was so hard to console them and I explained myself to the girl’s family and they accepted. I am posting this video just to tell my fans that my marriage is stopped and not postponed. Please do not ask about marriage anymore. Let us speak something else that brings fun,’ he added.