Top Treadmill Buying Guide – Find Treadmills for Your Home Gym

There are several types of exercise machines used in a gym. However, if you wish to set up a personal gym at home, it will not be possible for you to buy all the different equipment that is found in a fitness center. Most commonly found workout machines at homes include treadmills, rowing machines, steppers, spin bikes, and elliptical trainers. Out of all of these, the treadmill is the most common. This machine lets you walk or jog in the comfort of your home. Over the last few years, home treadmills from Drench Fitness have evolved a lot. You will find several varieties of treadmills in the market. Choosing the right one can often prove to be a major task.

Treadmills Guide

Factors to Consider While Shopping for Treadmills

You may have lied a few treadmills that are used in gyms. However, those are commercial models and using them at home will not be a feasible thing to do. Simply because these are too big, come with multiple features that you may not even use, and a heavy price tag. Here are some factors to consider while shopping for a treadmill for your personal use at home.

  • Size of The Machine and Workout Space: Treadmills will take up some space in your room. How much space will be required is entirely dependent upon the size of the machine. It will always be a good idea to measure the available space where you intend to keep your treadmill. If you wish to buy a foldable machine, then you also need to measure the storage space for it. If you keep this information handy, it will help you choose the best model as per your need. It is always better to keep some space free around the treadmill for proper movement.
  • Type of Workout: Do you simply plan to walk on your treadmill or maybe jog every now and then or even run? Deciding upon the type of workout you wish to do on your machine will help you determine the motor power. Heavier exercises such as running or jogging will need a powerful motor. Running or jogging will also require bigger and wider tracks as compared to walking.
  • Your Budget: Different types of treadmills come with different price tags. It will be a good idea to determine your budget before you start shopping for one. Those that are priced below $500 are normally pretty low end. These are good for occasional jogging or walking. Those under $800 are normally good and often serve without any problems for minimum a year. On the other hand, those that are priced under $1000 are the best. These come with several features such as LCD display, iPod compatibility, and much more. Choose the one which fits your pocket. There are also costlier ones that come with more power and more features.
  • Decide Upon the Features You Want: Different features are available in different treadmill models. Before you decide to buy one, better decide upon the features you wish to use on a daily basis. Buying a treadmill that s is packed with features that you will seldom use is a waste of money and time.