Kamal Haasan To Again Host ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 3 Tamil.!


Actor and Makkal Neethi Mayyam Founder kamal hassan is now busy in the election works. So, there has been a talk went around the Bigg Boss whether Kamal will host the bigg show or not. And now the talks over the internet goes viral that kamal hassan will be the host again for the Bigg Boss tamil seasaon 3

The reality show featuring a group of contestants living together in an isolated house for 100 days is expected to begin in the second week of June. And recent source reveals that the promo for the show has been shooted yesterday (May 8).

The sets for the show is getting ready on Poonamallee. The Bigg Boss team has already approached celebrities from various fields to participate in the third season in Tamil. We can expect the promo of the show very soon.

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From the recent update we had, Vijay tv approached tamil actress Chandaini (who starred in ‘Siidhu +2 ‘movie ) to participate in the show. And it has also been said that actress Sudha Chandran, Laila, and Sakshi Agarwal have also been approached to be the contestants of the hit show. Hang up with us for the official update of Bigg Boss.

Kamal Trolled Sendrayan


The 2nd promo of the day got just out. And Kamalhasan Trolling sendrayan’s English in his own. Check the promo video below.

The audience was aware of Sendrayan keep talking in front of a camera in the English language(Not in a good way). Kamalhasan is well known for a troll, he always trolls the contestants in a different way.

In this promo, Kamal has trolled Sendrayan by speaking in the stylish English language and asked Sendrayan¬†that “Do you understand Sendrayan” and the whole crowd and contestants started laughing.

In this way, Kamal might ask Sendrayan not to talk in the English language also it is one of the rules in Bigg Boss house that Contestant should talk only in the Tamil Language. Not only that there are so many rules violations happened in the first week of Bigg Boss House. Kamal would give treatment to every single contestant in his own way. And that is the reason why the show and Kamal was always talk of the town.

Stay tuned tonight episode, that would be the best episode in the season 2 of Bigg Boss Tamil.

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