Swara Bhasker Gets Brutally Trolled For Comparing Hijab Row With Mahabharata.

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Netizens troll Swara Bhaskar for her conception in the Hijab issue calling it an illogical comparison. Swara Bhaskar is certainly one of the most followed celebrities on social media. She used to share opinions on current affairs and doesn’t care about the trolls or critics that fell on her. Now she commented on the Hijab row comparing it to Draupadi’s cheer Haran inviting vast criticism on Twitter.  

Hijab Issue:

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The Hijab debate commenced when Govt. girls PU college Udupi, a bunch of women were unallowed from entering the college premises with Hijab. This stirred unity among the students. A serious discussion goes on media about the issue. Some people view that uniforms must be independent of religious sentiments. A few calls it Islamophobic and unconstitutional.

Swara Bhaskar’s Tweet:

Swara Bhaskar’s recent tweet about the Hijab row is now the talk of the media. She compared Draupadi’s Cheer Haran incident in the epic Mahabharata with the Hijab issue. People are trolling this brutally that this is illogical.

People’s response: 

As a response, several netizens stood for and against the notion, some of them resorting to brutal trolling, calling the comparison illogical. Some of the people even shared pictures of Swara Bhasker in short clothes, tagging her as a ‘hypocrite’ for supporting the cause. A few people were quick to come out and defend her, highlighting that it is all a matter of consent and personal choice of clothes has nothing to do with it.