A Young Madurai Person Of 21 Years Old Who Transformed Salt Into A Multi-Crore Business! – How Was It That Naked Nature Wins?

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Suriya Varshan’s “Naked Nature” company’s journey is a motivational example of the spirit of youthful entrepreneurship.

The path of Suriya Varshan’s ‘Naked Nature’ (Naked Nature) company, from the salt of Tuticorin to the digital marketing department, is an amazing example of the enthusiasm of the young entrepreneur. 21-year-old Surya Varshan’s concept has revolutionized the skin care and personal care product industries in the bustling city of Madurai. Surya Varshan established his dream idea, the direct-to-consumer brand Naked Nature, in a modest space like the kitchen.

Since then, it is not hyperbole to state that he has created an empire of willpower and creativity via his diligence, talent, and expertise.

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Initially, bath salts

Thoothukudi, a maritime town, has a plenty of salt. Surya Varshan created his first product design here. For 320 rupees, he made “Hibiscus Bath Salt” by combining salt and flowers.

Suriya also received feedback from a 12-year-old bringing a product to market in an industry often dominated by seasoned pros. He had to overcome several obstacles. However, he took care of his firm in Madurai during his vacations while he was studying engineering in Chennai. He worked tirelessly to build his company.

A pivotal moment

Life’s turning points occur to everyone. However, people are frequently the ones who make the breakthrough. Suriya had a pivotal moment from an Ayurvedic physician. When the doctor made a sizable order after falling in love with the “Red Bath Salt,” Surya’s business took a dramatic turn. This pivotal moment caused Surya to relocate his pursuit of education to Madurai. He might now move closer to his ideal project.

Suriya entered the field of digital marketing after realizing the possibilities of the digital age. Surya began taking online lessons in addition to teaching himself using the instructional videos on YouTube. This has raised Rs. 2.20 lakhs in funds. His company offered to put this money back into Naked Nature.

The Naked Nature of Today…

The current state of naked nature is startling. With 47 product categories that include anything from baby care items to bath necessities, the business has impressively established a place for itself.

The fiscal year 2021–2022 is evidence of its expanding stature. The company was valued at Rs 10 crore after reaching Rs 56 lakh.

With a committed staff of six and operations out of Madurai, the brand has a wide audience. In addition to its robust internet presence, the company is well-established in numerous states, including as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.
The tale of Naked Nature is more than just one of business triumph; it also serves as a testament to the tenacity, flexibility, and inventiveness of youth.

Naked Nature is now a market leader thanks to Surya’s persistent faith in the company and his flexibility in the face of shifting digital trends. Naked Nature is an inspiration to youthful fans as it continues to climb. The entrepreneurial path of Surya Varshan demonstrates that, with enough drive and determination, age is no longer a barrier to success.