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Sunny Leone tweets about the loan scam, alleges about her pan card being used for fraud:

Sunny Leone tweets that someone has misused her pan card to take out a loan. She has deleted the post updating that it was resolved and thanked the banking firm.

Loan scam:

Sunny Leone fell victim to a fraud loan scam recently. On Thursday, she tweeted that her pan card has been used fraudulently to take out a loan and her CIBIL score has been affected. In a now-deleted tweet from her account, she complained that “This just happened to me. Insane. Some idiots used my PAN to take a ₹ 2000 and worsened my CIBIL score. How does India Bull allow this?”

CIBIL score:

The CIBIL score refers to the history of a person’s credit rating and report. It tracks one’s rate of repayments of loans and a lower CIBIL score can often leave a person ineligible for loans. Her tweet was picked by fans and financial who highlighted that even celebrities are not spared from financial fraud these days.

Post deleted: Sunny Leone soon deleted her post and tweets that her problem has been resolved. She thanked IVL securities, IB home loans, and CIBIL officials for fixing her issue and their assurance that this will never repeat