Special things about Tamil calendar

In most part of the world people follow Gregorian calendar. But there are few calendars which are being followed by people in certain region. One among that is Tamil calendar.  In India there is a state called Tamil Nadu. In that particular region people speaks a very old language called Tamil and they are following a calendar called Tamil Calendar.

CalendarHard copies of Gregorian calendar and now being converted to soft copies. In the same manner There are many websites which published Tamil calendar 2018 and for previous years. There are some basic difference between Tamil calendar and Gregorian calendar. Some months are having 32 days in Tamil calendar but it is not the case in Gregorian calendar.

Even though Tamil speaking follows Gregorian calendar, they are deciding the marriage dates and other function dates with help of Tamil calendar. There is base layer called Panchangam. With the help of that only Tamil calendars are getting prepared every year.

Apart from Tamil Nadu this type of calendar is being followed in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and several other countries. As per Tamil calendar the Tamil new year usually falls on 14th of April and this particular day is being celebrated of Tamil people living all over the world.

Each day in a week, each month in a year is having specific name and each year is also having some peculiar name as per Tamil Panchangam. These things were discussed before 2000 years in Tamil literature.

As per Tamil calendar, there are some months like Aadi, margazhi are treated as auspicious months and in those months people will worship God regularly. In case of Margazhi month people won’t conduct any function in their home and they started worshiping God at early morning. This month is called as Lord Ayyappa season because most of the Ayyappa devotees worship Ayyappa in this month. Like this many peculiar things are still being followed by Tamil Speaking people by using Tamil calendar.