Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon
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Short Bio 

Today we will not talk about European women. We are going to tell you everything about one of the most beautiful actresses in the USA. This American actress became famous for her roles in The Knight’s Tale and 40 Days and 40 Nights. But she is known not only for her work in film and television. She is also one of the founders of the popular Warpaint rock band, a director, a screenwriter, a producer and an owner of the Maudegone Theater studio. At the age of 17, Shannon packed her bags and went to Los Angeles in search of adventure and a better life. The main task that Shannon had set for herself was to make a career as a dancer. But, she admitted that she always wanted to try her hand at the cinema. And she did it. 

Complete Bio & Career 

The extraordinary appearance of Shannyn attracted the creators of television advertising. She began working as a model and starred in several commercials. This is how Shannyn Sossamon got her first work experience on TV. The biography of the actress couldn’t have been so interesting unless a lucky chance changed her life. One day, Sossamon helped her friend DJ at a party that Gwyneth Paltrow arranged for her brother. Francine Maisler – a director for working with actors – was among the attended guests.

The playful Shannyn, who danced at the DJ console, drew the attention of a Hollywood celebrity. Maisler recommended the girl to try her hand at the cinema. And this turned out to be the happiest case. After listening to professional advice, Sossamon began to attend various auditions. At the first audition, the slender brunette with huge brown eyes had to copy Jolie. It turned out that she wasn’t too good, but her slightly unscrewed plastic and beautiful smile was noticed. And one day, she succeeded.

The participation in a series of television comedies Mr. Show with Bob and David was her debut. Shortly thereafter, the casting for the main female role in the romantic comedy The Knight’s Tale began. Several auditions and successful screen tests helped Sossamon in 2001 to achieve the role of Lady Jocelyn. The popular Australian actor Heath Ledger, with whom the actress has maintained a friendly relationship for a long time, became a partner of Shannyn in the frame. 

After a year in Hollywood, Shannyn admitted that she was tired of all that fake pomposity that is typical for the American film industry, and decided to quit the successfully launched actress’s career. For several months, Sossamon even worked in the store, trading in second-hand stereo recordings. But one day, her phone rang again, and there was an offer that she couldn’t refuse. Shannyn played in a satirical film about the life of college students that called The Rules of Attraction. This role has returned her interest to the filming. And soon she got the role in the film 40 Days and 40 Nights. In 2011, she had the last role in the film The Day

Family, Relatives, and Other Relations 

Her mother divorced her father and married for the second time soon after the birth of her daughter. Shannyn has an explosive mixture in her blood. By the way, the actress has two tattoos; one of which is the name of her mother, Sherry. 

Her personal life is flowing rapidly. For the few years, she was dating one of Los Angeles’s leading artists and DJs Tex Salem. However, at the same time, she was seen with Eric Stoltz. It is still unclear whether she had a romantic relationship with him or no. Nowadays, she hides her personal life from everyone. However, it is known that she has two sons.