Mom Gave Rs. 10,000 To Get The ‘Vedant Fashions’ Story Started, Ending At Rs. 26,000 crores!

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Beginning with a mere Rs. 10,000 from his mother, Ravi Modi has built the ‘Manyavar’ brand firm to a valuation of over Rs. 26,000 crores.

Given that he founded the well-known clothes company “Manyavar,” Ravi Modi possesses imaginative leadership. See how Vedant Fashions, under his direction, went from modest beginnings to become a major player in the worldwide fashion industry. Math prodigy Ravi Modi founded Vedant Fashions, the company behind the well-known Manyavar brand. Ravi Modi has made progress with his determination since he became a fashion industry legend. Ravi Modi journey to become an impactful entrepreneur is driven by her passion.

Following his time spent in his father’s modest Kolkata retail store, Ravi Modi decided to pursue an MBA and enter the business world.

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With his mother’s approval, Ravi Modi launched ‘Vedant Fashions’ with a loan of Rs 10,000.
An imprint in the clothing industry

The manufacturer of Indian clothing, Ravi Modi, is well-known in all of the state marketplaces in India. That’s how ‘Manyaveer’ came to be and thrived.Ravi Modi’s empire grew significantly as a result of his business practices, which included creating locations for exclusive brands and selling to large retailers. By 2005–2006, ‘Manyavar’ was a mainstay at India’s largest retailers. Ravi Modi launched his first special brand store in Bhubaneswar in 2008. The company’s expansion strategy changed significantly as a result of this.

Ravi Modi began concentrating on growing his private stores after him. His strategy was to make money as quickly as possible.

Currently, ‘Manyavar’ oversees 1.3 million square feet of retail space in 230 Indian towns. More growth is specifically anticipated in southern areas like Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

List of billionaires…

The significance of Ravi Modi’s triumph is as great as its numerical strength. In the 2022 Forbes World’s Billionaires list, he came in at number 1,238. A 2.5 billion dollar net worth. By April 2023, this will rise to $3 billion. Even throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Vedant Fashions Ltd., which has over 600 outlets in India and 11 overseas market stores, reported solid profitability. This demonstrates how robust the business model of the organization is.

Ravi Modi’s belief in destiny and his unique business strategies builded Vedant Fashions to a Rs 26,000 crore company. Apart from this, it also revolutionized the Indian apparel market.
The company’s expansion into new product categories such as online sales, Twamev and Mandan has branched out into different segments of the market. Ravi Modi’s business strategy includes a business strategy to capture a large share of India’s growing bridal and festive wear market.

The triumph of Vedant Fashions, spearheaded by Ravi Modi, underscores the potency of its strategizing, comprehension of market demands, and asset-free business strategy. Vedant Fashions and Manyavar are well-positioned for long-term growth and success in the Indian fashion sector thanks to their substantial market presence and ongoing innovation.