You aren’t allowed to come in? Disgraced and degraded Tamilian! He currently possesses numerous crores!!!

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“Ramraj Cotton” is a well-known name throughout the world! This institution has been instrumental in bringing the Dhoti’s back to life after it was lost due to cultural shifts. Ramraj Cotton Company was founded by a man named Nagarajan! The company’s revenue exceeds one thousand crore rupees.

In the Tirupur district, there is a small village called Kaikgatti Puthurnu close to Avinasi.He simply studied in class 10. Once upon a time, a local resident wearing a suit and shirt pulled up in the ambassador’s vehicle. Upon inquiring, Nagarajan discovered that he was a trader of textiles. It was only after that he engaged in a game where he wasn’t a textile trader. It was the initial seed. He worked in marketing afterwards.

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My sole goals were to go in car in Nagarajan Town and in whtie dhoti. I eventually gained the courage to launch my own company. Nagarajan began exporting fabric to Tirupur with no financial backing. He began marketing vetis under the moniker “Ramraj,” fusing the names of his father, Ramaswamy, and himself, Nagarajan.
His diligence helped Ramraj Dhotis become the most popular brand in India. He used to earn 20,000 Dhotis annually thirty years ago. Currently, 1.5 lakh Dhotis are sold every day. International airports have his Dhotisshowrooms open, and foreigners purchase his company’s Dhotis as well. A dent is also being made by online commerce.

According to a previous interview with Nagarajan, if our product is not accepted by society, it won’t receive respect—even if it is made of gold. As I have been hunting and building for thirty years, I have first hand knowledge with this.

I witnessed the manager going to the bank and calling the office boy first, who was dressed in a suit. From the municipality to the hotel, everything are as they are. I went with some buddies to a five-star hotel. They let nine individuals in shirts with pants on, but you kept me out as though everyone else could come in. Now, all of the government officials, spiritual leaders, and political figures in command, from Kumari to Fort St. George, have united and spoken with one voice, boldly declaring that this is all for Dhoti’s benefit.