Do you know what Paruthiveeran’s original Douglas tea shop owner is doing now?

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Paruthiveeran is a super hit Tamil film released in 2007 directed by Amir. It was through this film that actor Karthik made his cinematic debut. The film starred many actors including Priya Mani, Ponvannan, Saravanan, Kanjakaruppu. Many of the actors who starred in this film became popular among the people. Tea shop owner Arumugam is still popular among the people even though he acted in only one scene in this film.

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In this situation, journalists have recently met and interviewed him. In it, he has shared his cinema experience. In it, he says that it has been fifteen years since he starred in that film. I’m happy to be popular among the people despite starring in only one scene. Then, there was a tea shop I owned. While sitting in the shop a film crew came and approached me

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Opportunity in the film:

I do not know what they are going to do. There came a man with a beard. They said he was Amir sir. I also said hello sir. There was a board named Kamatchi Amman Tea Stall. They said to tie it up and sit like writing something. I was like sitting and writing. Then Karthik came. No one knows him as it was his first film.

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Job in Sasikumar’s grandfather’s theatre:

Then taught me the dialogue. I acted as they said. Also, they ran the film in three theatres in Madurai. I went and watched. Many people did not know me. A person asked whether are you the person who acted in this film. I was so happy. But, I had a bicycle shop before the tea shop. Before that, I was tearing up tickets at the theatre of the famous actor Sasikumar’s grandfather.

Movies starred after Paruthiveeran:

Then I got the opportunity to act in films like Thamirabarani, Seemaraja, Rajini Murugan after Paruthiveeran. Now there is no chance. Arumugam spoke about the problem he encountered when he came to Chennai for dubbing. After the dubbing, Amir sent his assistant and asked them to hire me a Madurai bus.

Rs.200 during the dubbing of Paruthiveeran:

They took me up to the Koyambedu bus stand and paid me 200 rupees for the bus to Madurai. They left the place when I asked them how will I go to Madurai with these 200 rupees. Then I went to Pondicherry with that 200 rupees and borrowed money from my friend and went to Madurai. I continued to act in a few films. Now due to Corona, they are no opportunities. There is a call for a serial, he said