“Nayantara is aged so that she cannot give birth” Bayilvan Ranganathan creates controversy on media:

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The topic of romantic love is frequently debated. Vignesh Sivan and Nayantara have been in love with each other for many years. They have never covered the matter. Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara got engaged in 2021 after dating for about six years. Recently, the couple visited a temple. Some have doubted that Nayanthara had a big grin on his forehead. Rumor has it that she is secretly married to Vignesh Sivan.


Nayantara’s work front:

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Now according to a story in BollywoodLife.com, several Telugu reports have suggested that Nayanthara has decided to become a mother via surrogacy. However, there’s no official confirmation on this as of now. ‘The gossip has been heard about the couple every three months. Nayanthara is busy in the film industry. They have no plans of getting married yet. “We laugh at the gossip about marriage and children,” a source close to Nayantara told.

About marriage:

“Nayanthara has a huge line-up of films. She is not getting married anytime soon. We can all laugh about these reports because they keep coming every 3 months. Marriage is not on cards for them yet,” a source close to the actress told the media.

Their engagement:

Nayantara and Vignesh have been together for over seven years now. While they’ve kept their relationship away from the spotlight, they’ve been showing each other support on social media platforms. Last year, the couple subtly announced their engagement by sharing a picture in which their faces were not seen but Nayanthara had her hand placed on Vignesh’s chest while showing her unique engagement ring.

Bayilvan Ranganathan said: In it he, Nayantara is aged. She can no longer have children. Also, Nayan will not focus on having a baby as he has a lot of film opportunities. That is why Nayan is going to have a child through a surrogate mother, criticized by Ranganathan. The video of Ranganathan speaking about Nayan is currently going viral on social media. Recently, many people have been criticizing the Ranganathan for speaking obscene and bad words about the actresses. Even a few days ago, they had complained to the police against Ranganathan. In this situation, Ranganathan’s video about Nayanthara is causing a terrible controversy on social media.