Marriage with Premji…? Singer Vinaita explains about the viral photo.

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Singer Vinaita talks about her relationship with Premji. Premji Amaran is one of the most popular actors in Tamil cinema. He is the son of famous music composer Gangai Amaran and brother of Venkat Prabhu. He is not only an actor but also a songwriter and playback singer. And, he became popular with his signature dialogue “Enna koduma sir”. Initially, he entered the film industry as a director.

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Premji became famous among the people with his film Chennai 600028 directed by Venkat Prabhu. Premji is currently composing for the upcoming films ‘Party’ and ‘Zombie’ directed by Venkat Prabhu. This ‘party’ film is to be released soon.

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Premji being “Morattu single”:

Various opinions and questions are constantly arising on social media about his marriage and the reason for the delay. Recently, it was reported that Premji and Vinaita are in love. There was a suspicion that whether the two were in love. In this situation, Vinaita had posted a story on Instagram.

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Love between Premji and Vinaita:

Vinaita was sharing the picture with Premji saying, ‘You are holding me in your eyes baby.  will dance with you in the dark between my hands.’ Her post went viral on social media and news spread that Premji and she were in love and that Premji was to get married soon.

Premji’s Marriage:

It is noteworthy that Premji is currently 42 years old. Many of the fans who heard that were excited about his marriage. Fans also asked about Premji’s marriage. Vinaita has spoken about this gossip while the fans are eagerly waiting for the answer and have given a shocking explanation as if all this is a rumor.

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Vinaita’s explanation:

She said “This is a rumor. The Premji is a long-time, good friend of mine. I usually do add songs to the photos taken by us. Many are posting photos with him. I am not only the one to post. someone has spread the photos and created rumors. I don’t have any idea of marrying or marrying Premji”