Make Sales From Stories With a Content Conversion Funnel

make sales
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Let’s imagine that you are an owner of not simply unique, but exclusive product or technology. The problem is that your clients cannot try it or purchase.

The same can be true about your content: the most brilliant words will never touch your audience if they can’t find and read them. The situation is getting even worse as they can’t subscribe, share and, as a result, have no information about your product.

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It is exactly the point when we talk about content marketing: it is creation of attractive and valuable content that actively encourages sales. Of course, you may have your concepts about it, but you don’t have to discover the continents again as professional marketers have already prepared something for you.

Conversion funnel – what it is about and why you need it

Attractive content is not just words and images, it is a lot of hard work. When working on it, you don’t want people come and gone as any of them is your potential client.

The idea of conversion funnel is about starting from huge audience, but the further you go, the less people remain. On the start almost everybody can be considered as your clients, but only true clients survive for next stages.

Here your aim is to have clear understanding how to sort out your clients through the funnel.

There are different approaches for it, but PRISM idea is the most vivid:

People – they are an essential ingredient of your strategy, nothing will work without people;

Relationships – it should be trust, otherwise no one will agree to purchase. Start with valuable content you can offer for free;

Inbound traffic – people come to the place where something valuable is located;

Subscribers + retargeting – a great number of people will not but from the first attempt, remind them later about you;

Monetization – you can work on it if you have subscribers in the funnel. There is a lot of online advertising network provides services for advertiser and publisher to boost your revenue.

Work with content

Interesting information will attract people. They will fill even more relax if there will be nothing about purchasing and you can earn some trust from your audience. After some time of relations getting stronger, they will agree to tell you emails and follow your content.

What we can get in the result?

Offered value may push people to thank you for it. Probably, people will agree to buy something from you. If they can’t buy, they will probably try do a favour for you, for example, share it.

The higher the level of trust will be, the more purchases you have.

Now it’s time to discuss how you make the sales

Lead funnel: insist on registering

Your audience should be converted into potential clients. Care about your relations and offer some bigger value before offer any sales. Software companies often give trial period before buying.

Of course, some people will reject registration. But they have already visited your website and you have worked on brand awareness.

Don’t forget about retargeting – the people above are perfect audience for this.


Their key point is that it should resolve some existing problem, cure a pain that your clients face daily or quite often and your service or product can help with it.

If you work in health area and offer something for slimming – run webinars about trainings or useful diets.

Things to have in stock

All that stuff can seem to complicated at the beginning, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your funnel will be built part by part. Here we have prepared a list what you will need:

  • content;
  • optimization of your material;
  • content promotion;
  • advertising;
  • social networks;
  • marketing and analytic tools;
  • payment provider.

Write us if you need any help with funnel creation.