Madhuri Dixit shares her opinion about the savage line from “The Fame Game” that it is the reality.

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Madhuri Dixit has shared her opinion and the experiences on seeing the lines of The Fame Game that’s gone viral. In a scene from her new web series, Madhuri’s character, a Bollywood star, roasts a young actor for making her feel old. However, Madhuri says that she is too secure in real life to ever need to pull off such a stunt. She also added that even director Bejoy Nambiar said something similar to her.

Anamika ‘s response:

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In one of the scenes of the series, Anamika is greeted at an event by a younger actor. She said that she grew up watching her movies and asks her to bless her. Anamika doesn’t take it lightly and sees it as an insult. “You don’t need my blessings. You are young stars these days have PR, stylists, trainers, you have everything. You don’t even need talent, let alone my blessings,” she says to her. Screenshots from the scene were shared online with many praising the comment made on the younger crop of actors.

Madhuri’s opinion:

In a new video shared by Netflix India, show producer Karan Johar and Madhuri talked about its success. Karan asks Madhuri if she has faced something like that in real life as well. “I mean you’re so warm and wonderful and there is a lot of regard and respect that the younger actors have for you. You’ve been iconic to them since the time but have you got that a lot? A female actor coming and asking you, ‘Oh I’ve seen you a lot since I was a child. Have you heard that line?’,” Karan asks Madhuri. She replied that even Bejoy told her he’s been watching her since his school days. “I said, Bejoy when you were in school, I was in school working in films.”

Gelling up with real life:

Madhuri said that many young female actors have come to her over the years and said things like that. She, however, thinks they were all being genuine. “Of course, Anamika Anand is a very insecure person. Because of the way she has been brought up by her mom constantly.” Madhuri said that on the contrary, she is very secure. Karan recalled the times when he, too, has heard people say that they’ve watched his movies as children, which must be the truth. “So, I can’t get offended.”

In the Fame Game, Anamika Anand is a Bollywood superstar who suddenly goes missing. Her disappearance also sheds light on the various secrets from her personal life. It also stars Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul.