Maaran compared the marks of his film with Ajith’s films. Got slammed by the producer.

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After comparing the mark provided by Vikatan to his film and Ajith’s recently released “Valimai” to prompt the fans of the actor, the movie reviewer continued to compare the marks received by Ajith’s other films such as Veeram, Asal, Aarambam, etc. On seeing his back-to-back tweets, producer Vinoth who made “Enemy” movie by having Vishal and Arya in the lead roles, trolled the movie reviewer cum filmmaker for not knowing about how Vikatan would give marks to commercial films.

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Anti Indian and Valimai:

“Anti-Indian”, directed by Blue Satta Maaran received 44 marks from Vikatan magazine which is known for its one-page movie reviews. The same magazine gave only 40 marks to” Valimai” of actor Ajith Kumar. Blue Satta Maaran who compared the marks of both the films to trigger the actor’s fans, continued to compare the marks provided by Vikatan magazine to other films with the only film he has made.

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Vinoth’s reply:

Many fans of actor Ajith abused the movie reviewer in the comment section. Meanwhile, Producer Vinoth who made “Enemy” and is currently making Vishal’s upcoming film directed by Adhik Ravichandran, slammed him saying that Vikatan would always give fewer marks for commercial movies.

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“Now use of your film getting more marks, no one came to the theatre to see that,” Vinoth said in his tweet that there is no use of getting marks because there was no one in the theatre. The only thing is 50 shawls were collected and if it is sold we could get the profit of 2500 rupees and that is the only leftover.

Maaran prompted:

It all started after Maaran uploaded a tweet on his Twitter handle, trolling the dancing ability of actor Ajith Kumar in the opening scene of “Valimai”. From producer Dhananjeyan to Bigg Boss winner Aari, many celebrities convicted Maaran for his below-the-belt comment on a star like Ajith Kumar. However, Maaran defended his comments saying that the mindless hero worship and public nuisance fans are making during the release of their idol’s films should be called out first. He wanted all the celebrities to condemn the toxic fan base of top actors before condemning him.