Lively Recipe – Sesame balls

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There is a saying, Give the fat a horse gram, give the young a sesame. At that time we all lived as a joint family. Snacks for children are not a difficult thing. Adults always do something for children. They made delicious and healthy snacks like murukku, flat, seeda, athirasam at home. Today’s housewives don’t have time to make everything at home, but this egg ball is something that can be made healthy and tasty for children at home in ten minutes. It doesn’t take much time to do and also doesn’t cost much. This simple sesame ball is the best nutritious dessert for children, especially women. The taste makes you want to eat it right when you prepare it. Learn and prepare this and taste it.


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  • White Sesame Seed – 200 g
  • Jaggery – 100,
  • ghee -. 4 Tsp
  • cashew – 10 nos
  • cardamom – 2 nos

Preparation Method

  • First, Put sesame seeds in a pan and fry till it starts to crackle. Make jaggery molasses in another vessel.* Heat until the portion is sufficiently hot.If you put a drop of hot jaggery in water to a thick level, it should become thick immediately. Once it reaches this stage, remove it from the stove and add it to the sesame seeds,add fried cashew,cardamom,ghee.
  • After it cools down to a temperature that can be tolerated by hand, knead rice flour in hand(a) Apply ghee. Use your hands to evenly grind the sesame seedsMake into balls.


  • Step 2- if needed ,prepare the Jaggery into more thicker to a uniform consistency to make the sesame balls firm.