Kacha Badam: From the vendor to the viral singer – Do you know the story of Bhuban Bathyakar?

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Bhuban Bathyakar is a peddler selling peanuts on a bicycle in the village of Kuraljuri in West Bengal. His nature is to always sing while selling peanuts. A man from the village, who was a fan of his song, took a video of Bhuban while muttering ‘Kacha Badam’ while selling peanuts and shared it on social media. After that, people around the world began to enjoy his Kacha Badam song, which was only enjoyed by his villagers then.

Fortune hits Bhuban:

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Ron-E & Pragya Dutta (Ron-E & Pragya Dutta) both saw this song which went viral on social media and invited Bhuban to sing. The song ‘Kachcha Badam’ which was released with his voice has gone beyond million views and is still ruling the media. And even in Tamil, the song has been a hit in many versions like the Vadivelu version. We could see many videos of dance and imitations of him on social media such as Instagram Reels, Facebook Story, and YouTube Shorts. Allu Arha, the daughter of popular Telugu actor Allu Arjun, imitated the song and danced to it recently. Bhuban Bathyakar has become famous for this single song worldwide.


Also, the West Bengal Police, who saw his song, called him and praised him. Bhuban Bathyakar says, “I never dreamed this would happen and no one from Bollywood approached me.” He jokingly said that he did not know Hindi at all.

He added, “Many are making money using my song on social media. I’m not making any profit out of it. So, I’m going to buy the copyright for the song.

Upcoming project of Bhuban:

It has been reported that Bhuban Bathyakar’s next song will be sung and acted with Saurav Ganguli and the song will be released on February 19 this month. People have been commenting on Bhuban’s development saying that it is gratifying that the internet has grown in such a way that it can easily incorporate the talents of ordinary people all over the world.