Iridium: siren vehicle: Gunmen – fraudsters robbed 1.81 crores from this actor. 

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Iridium was discovered in 1803 by the English scientist Smithson Tennant. Fraud in the name of iridium continues. It has become the norm for even the big businessmen to cheat in the millions. Currently, popular film actor Vignesh has lost Rs 1.81 crore to a fraudulent gang, according to a complaint lodged with the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office.

Barathiraja Movie Actor Vignesh | 90ஸ் நடிகர் விக்னேஷ்

Complaint filed:

In his complaint, he said, “I have been acting in Tamil cinema for 30 years and since then I have been running my own business. I had the opportunity to befriend him. When inquired about the security operation, he said that he had obtained the substance iridium and was selling it to Australia in collaboration with the Central Government, valued at Rs. 3 lakh crores so the government has sent them with security guards with rifles.

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1.81 crores:

I have attended meetings twice in this regard. It was attended by retired army officers and important personalities. All this made me believe what Ram Prabhu said. Following this, Ram Prabhu spoke in the hope that if you give 5 lakh rupees I will give you back 500 crores. Relying on his speech, I gave him Rs 1.81 crore through my bank account and loans to friends.

Disclosure of betrayal:

But after that, he avoided talking to me. Once met in person, he said Rs 500 crore was coming by container lorry and would be delivered as soon as it arrived. It was revealed that he had charged money like this to a lot of people like me.

It was also reported that he was a notorious fraudster. Meanwhile, Virudhunagar police arrested him and remanded him in custody in a fraud case. I know 500 people like me that Ram Prabhu was involved in money laundering. I want to take legal action against him and those who are with him. “