Should you pay to view reels ? IGers grieves about the subscription.

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Meta ‘s Instagram has become a part of people’s entertainment. People enter Instagram to view reels and spend hours in it as Instagram made creators’ videos per the viewer’s interest.

Artificial intelligence technology used in Instagram finds out the state of mind of an Instagrammer and provides the related and needed content. Now the company has decided to bring the subscription option to benefit the creators. As creators already use this as a marketing platform this will be an added income for the creators.

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Experimenting with the idea :

Due to this, the company believes that they could give valuable content. For the preliminary experimentation, this service was given to basketball player Sedona prince, the model Clashy cook, and the actor Alan Rikkin.

Instagram reports:

Instagram reports about the new service that the creators could be benefited from this as they could be connected with the viewers and give useful content to them. They can also yield income out of this.

Users can click the subscribe option in the interface of Instagram and join the subscription. It is expected that the Subscription may cost up to Rs.89. This update resembles the new update of Twitter “Twitter blue”. Says the IGers.