“I had a physical relationship with 10 women” – actor’s controversial affirmation

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Vinayakan is an actor and music composer in the Tamil and Malayalam film industries. The actor, who was promoting his film Oruthee, spoke to the media and made some controversial statements, which have become a buzz on the Internet. He said that he has no idea what Me Too Movement means and if asking women for sex is Me Too, he will continue doing so.

Me Too statement:

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Vinayakan said, “What is Me Too? I do not know. Is it up to the girl? Let me ask, what if I want to have sex with a woman? In my life, I have had physical relationships with ten women. I asked those ten women if they would like to have a physical relationship with me. I will still ask if that is what you say Me Too means. No woman has come here and asked me.  What should I tell her? Did you have sex with your wife first?? Everyone is not like that’ the actor said in the press conference.

Controversial affirmation:

“How do you have sex with a girl? Tell me, how did you call that girl to your side? In my life, I have had sex with at least 10 women. I asked the 10 girls to have sex with me. If this is what you as “Me Too”, I will do it again. If I feel like having sex with that girl again, I will ask her. She will politely say” No”. No woman has come to me and asked, do you know what’s a women’s interpretation is?” the actor said to the reporters.


Notably, this is not the first time the music composer cum actor has found himself in the middle of a row. He was arrested in the year 2019 after poet and Dalit activist Mruduladevi made a complaint against him for verbally assaulting her over the phone and using explicit language. He was released on bail shortly after his arrest.