“I am not a Buddha to hear whatever you say” Cooku With Comali Judge Venkatesh Bhat got exasperated.

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The much-anticipated Cook with Comali Season 3 show got off to a rousing start a few days ago. Following the success of the first season, the second season was well vaunted. The main reason for that is the comalis who come to this show. In addition, the show tops the other shows aired on Vijay TV. Also, this is the number one cookery show aired on Tamil so far in TRP rating. Venkatesh Bhat and Damu are the judges of this show.

Though the contestants and the comalis are replaced the judges remain the same for all three seasons. They both have been a part of many TV shows. They enthusiastically carry out the show and their playful activities with the comalis are so humorous which makes it a great stress buster

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Undoubtedly a Stern chef:

He is being a chief chef in various hotels all over India. He is a pure vegetarian but with an amazing talent, he could find all the corrections by smelling it and this proves his skills in cooking. He has been a judge in another cookery show on Vijay television.

Criticism faced by Bhat:

But in this show, he has changed into a jovial judge. More than the cooking show, this cook with comali has made a separate fan basis for him. But criticism arose that he thrashes the comalis so hard in the show.

Watch this as a show:

Replying to this, Bhat said that those are only for entertainment and they are okay with it. He asks people to see that only as a show. He posted a video of making Unni appam on his YouTube channel. In that many commented on him as he used a lot of ghee. He replied that people have the right to say that it is unhealthy but u cannot say that u can use it for 4 days.

I have the right to answer:

Bhat got exasperated by the continuous negative comments. I have never failed to be polite to those who comment ethically. He said that he is not responsible if his reply seemed to be arrogant. “I am not a Buddha to be calm hearing all the non-ethical commentaries. I have right to reply” he says.