How to download a digital Voter ID card- steps to follow.

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The Election Commission of India has made it easier for voters to exercise their rights by allowing them to download an Elector Photo Identity Card (e-EPIC) online. In the event that one misplaces or loses one’s original voter ID card, this can prove to be really helpful.

One can also apply online for a duplicate ID card, as well as update one’s address using the digital voter ID card. So, in a situation where you change city or state, you won’t have to create a new card every time. The address can be changed online and you can download a new voter ID with the updated address.

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What is e-EPIC

e-EPIC is a PDF version of the EPIC. e-EPIC is a digital version of the Elector Photo Identity Card. It can be accessed through the Voter Helpline App and websites and voter can store the card on his/her mobile, upload it on Digi locker or print it and self-laminate it. This is in addition to PCV EPIC being issued by the Election commission.

Download Voter ID Card

Below are the steps for downloading the voter ID card:

  • In order to download a digital voter ID card, visit the Election Commission’s official website at or
  • Log in to your NVSP account or register
  • To login, you must have an account
  • You can create an account (if you do not have one already) with an e-mail address and mobile number
  • You will have to enter some details after creating your account
  • A login ID will be generated after you enter all details
  • Sign in now
  • After logging in, enter the EPIC number or the Form Reference Number, then select the state
  • Upon submitting your information, you will receive a one-time password
  • Enter the OTP, and e-EPIC will be available for download
  • Click on the Download e-EPIC link
  • A PDF document of voter ID will be downloaded
  • You can save the document or print it out