Do you remember this Karatandi in the Kadhal movie? See what is his situation now.

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‘ Kadhal’ is a super hit film directed by Balaji Sakthivel in 2004. The film starred several actors including Bharath, Sandhya, and Sukumar. Although the film was made on a low budget, it was a box office hit. And the film is still celebrated among the fans. Also, actor Arun became popular through this film. Arun is the boy who played the role of Karatandi in the mechanical set with Bharath in this film. Everyone will remember now. He is from Madurai. It was through this film that he became known among the people.

He has acted as a child star in various films following a Kadhal movie. He also played a role in actor Vijay’s Sivakasi. Then, as he began to grow, his film opportunities began to decline. Also, although he has acted in many films, no other film has given Reach as much as the Kadhal movie. What happened to him after that?

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The state of Arun now:

Shortly afterward, it was reported on social media that he had been in love with a woman for two years and married her with the consent of both houses. Many co-actors were congratulating him on his marriage. He is currently engaged in woodworking such as furniture, bedding, and cupboards. In this regard, Arun Kumar had recently given an interview. In it, he shares many interesting things about his screen journey.

Arun’s interview:

In it he says, I am from Madurai district. when I was in sixth grade I had the chance to act in the movie Kadhal. Before that, I used to act in plays. So, someone must have told them about me and they came to my school and inquired. Only then did he get the chance to star in the film. Through that film, I got good reach among the people.

Reason for decline:

Following that, I have acted as a child artist in many films. Due to the situations after that, I lost contact with many directors. So, I could not contact and look for opportunities. That’s how I started to lose image opportunities. Not only that but I have come to see some other work without being able to look for an opportunity as the family situation and problem was hectic.

Arun asks for a chance:

Initially, I was doing secondary work like picking objects and nailing in the wood cot work area. I just worked for a daily wage. Only then do I learn the job within a year and started taking orders and the job is done. I am also doing the work of replacing old objects. I have a desire to act in cinema again. So far, I have not given any interviews. He was saying that he hopes that opportunities will come to me through this interview.