Do you know the price of the jeans worn by Simbu? While others wore Balmain T-shirt… see what he wore.

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Information about the favorite t-shirt of many, from Bollywood stars to Kollywood stars, is currently becoming a terrifying trend on social media. Usually, the costumes worn by cinema celebrities cause more craze among the fans. Everything from the T-Shirt worn by celebrities to the hairstyle is going viral among the fans. Thus, the clothes and accessories worn by the actor and actress are all sometimes become the marketing demand and trending.

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Balmain T-Shirt:

That being said, the Balmain t-shirt is currently the favorite dress worn by celebrities. Right now, this is the most trending. Sivakarthikeyan is a leading actor in the world of Tamil cinema. All the films starring him have been well received by the people. In that sense, his recently released Doctor film was a huge success.

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Balmain T-Shirt worn by celebrities:

This Balmain t-shirt costs $ 557. That is 45000 rupees in Indian value. Moreover, this t-shirt is not only a brand of Sivakarthikeyan but also of many celebrities in the world of Indian cinema. In that category, it is the favorite of Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, cricketer MS Dhoni, Tollywood star Allu Arjun, Simbu in Kollywood, Vignesh Sivan, and Dhanush. The specialty of this T-Shirt is its company Balmain.

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About Balmain company:

The company is Paris-based. The clothes, jackets, and accessories manufactured by this company are all of the highest quality. All Balmain dresses are made in Italy, China, Japan, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Poland. It is imported to other countries. It is loved by the celebrities of the Indian cinema world as they are good quality stylish dresses.

Simbu in Balmain Dress:

While many celebrities like this are thriving on Balmain t-shirts, currently Simbu is the only one wearing a Balmain pant. Do you know the price of this Balmain Pant? $ 2,246, or 1,70,976 rupees in Indian currency. That too, this price is excluding the tax.