Do you know the list of Indian actors who owns an airplane? Deets here.

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Luxurious life: Actors who possess their aircraft are listed below. The stardoms who earn in crores travel through planes wherever they go. Many videos of the celebrities who come to the airport are going viral on social media. With the money, they earn in cinema, the celebrities are living an extravagant luxurious life with their families.

They own opulent bungalows, costly cars and many more could be listed.

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Some of the actors even own their airplanes to travel wherever they wanted to. Some actors consider that as their pride. Here is the list of airplane owners:

  1. Akshay Kumar
  2. Salman Khan
  3. Shilpa Shetty
  4. Sharukh Khan
  5. Amitabh Bachchan family
  6. Ajay Devgan – Kajol
  7. Priyanka Chopra
  8. Anil Kapoor
  9. Hrithik Roshan
  10. Madhuri Dixit