Do not screenshot the Facebook chats – Mark Zuckerberg warns the users.

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We use the chat facility to talk and discuss with those we are associated with on social websites.

When discussing a particular subject, it is common for many of us to take a screenshot and expose them in public if the speaker is not trustworthy or if what he is saying is untrue or objectionable.

Not only this, some people take screenshots of their loved ones’ messages as memories. At the same time, some take screenshots for many threats.

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Do whatever anyone wants. But Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, warns against doing so on the Messenger App site.

What is the reason for the warning?

If Messenger users have taken screenshots of other people’s chat posts before, there is no problem with that. However, Facebook warns that if it does so in the future, it will inform the user on the other side. Mark has warned this directly.

In particular, he points out that taking screenshots of Chat details in which the Disappearing Messages is turned on. In a post on his Facebook page, Mark wrote, “End to end encrypted messengers have been updated. This will give you a notification if anyone takes a screenshot of your chat posts.

Disappearing message facility

If there is a disappearing message facility, the specific messages will disappear after you read them. For that, some people copy them. However, Facebook is currently in the process of informing users about these features.

Mark Zuckerberg also provides an example of how the Messenger screenshot feature works. Messages were sent by Mark to Priscilla John, a long-time partner in his business, and when screenshotted and he receives the notification. He has posted all these.

The Disappearing Message feature has been in use for several days. Snapchat was the first company to introduce this feature to users. After that Facebook decided to bring this feature to sites like Messenger and WhatsApp.