What about the release of Valimai on the OTT platform…? H.Vinod asks for compensation. 

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JK Creations owner J Jayakrishnan has filed a lawsuit alleging that the story and characters of the movie Valimai, starring Ajith, were taken from his 2016 film “Metro”. The petition alleges that the film portrays the protagonist, who learns that the chain-snatching for a comfortable life is related to his brother in drug trafficking, is killing his brother.

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Valimai and Metro:

While Metro is in the process of producing the film in other languages, he noted that filming with the same features is against patent law. Therefore, it has been demanded that the Satellite Channel should ban the release of Valimai film on the OTT platform and order compensation of one crore rupees.

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Valimai release:

Meanwhile, the Valimai movie will be released on March 25 at Zee 5 OTT. An additional petition was filed seeking an injunction against the release. When the case came up for hearing before Judge Senthil Kumar Ramamurthy earlier, Director H.P. Attorney Vijayan Subramaniam filed the reply petition on behalf of Vinod.

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Reply petition:

In that reply petition, it is stated that the story, the nucleus, the characters, the climactic scene of the Valimai film, which is based on the daily news of chain-snatching, drug trafficking, and murder, are all different. The reply petition explains that the story of the Metro film is different and to say that the character was used is wrong and therefore does not infringe any patents.


It has been reported that Metro has not been compared to the reviews published on the websites and it is said that Jayakrishnan, who has filed a case to tarnish his reputation, will be sued for Rs 10 crore.


Director Vinod’s side has demanded that Metro filmmaker Jayakrishnan’s request be rejected as contracts have been signed to release the Valimai film, which was shot in large sums of capital, on OTT sites and in connection with the satellite rights.

The judge who mounted the answer petition, refusing to ban the release of the Valimai film on the OTT, adjourned the hearing of the main case to April 12.