Did you know RajaRani new Sandhya is a friend of this Baagyalakshmi serial actor.

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Information about the actress who is going to play the role of Sandhya in the Raja Rani 2 serial is currently going viral on social media. Sanjeev and Alya are the most popular couple. Sanjeev – Alya made their screen debut with the Raja Rani series aired on Vijay TV. Alya played the role of Semba in the Raja Rani serial and Sanjeev played the role of Chinnaya. Also, Sanjeev-Alya has made a name for themselves through the first part of Raja Rani among the people through this serial.

Sanjeev and Alya:

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Also, it was during this serial that the two fell in love and got married. Just last year they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Their baby’s name is Aila. Alya, who took a short break after the parturition, is currently featuring the role of Sandhya in the Raja Rani 2 serial which is currently aired successfully on Vijay TV. Similarly, Sanjeev is starring in the recently launched Kayal serial on Sun TV.

Alya in Gestation:

In the meantime, both of them will always be active on social media. They often share photos and videos taken. In this case, Alya is pregnant for the second time. Sanjeev shared this information on social media. Despite being pregnant for the second time, Alya is still starring in the serial.

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In a situation like this, Alya recently said on her Instagram page that she has no intention of quitting Raja Rani 2. There is only one Sandhya and that is this Alya. This ensured that Alya would never leave Raja Rani 2 but she withdrew from the serial as she expects the baby this month.


In this situation, someone else has come to replace Alya for the time being. The promo for that was released recently was unveiling Riya Viswanathan as Sandhya. It has been reported that she will be playing the role of Sandhya in this series. She is new to the small screen. She is a model from Chennai. It is through this series she is introduced to the serial. Also, Riya is Vishal’s friend who plays the lead role in the Bakiyalakshmi series. Also, Alya Manasa’s departure from the series is a temporary one.

Temporary substitution:

She will be joining the serial again. There is no doubt about it. Riya is set to replace the role of Sandhya for some time. Currently in the serial Saravanan is making several attempts to somehow get his wife Sandhya to the police. It is rumored in the serial circles that Riya has been selected for the role as she is currently suitable. Also, she is a friend of ‘Baagyalakshmi’ serial Ezhil fame Vj Vishal’s friend.