Business strategy simplified – Chennai Auto driver Annadurai surprises Anand Mahindra.

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Anand Mahindra’s tweet on Chennai’s auto driver Annadurai goes viral on social media. He is well known for the services he provides to the customers. Many could identify him from the videos and the speeches he gave on the tv programs.

His auto with the services from newspaper to i pad is the talk of the media now. Anand Mahindra got surprised by his service to the customers and tweeted about him.

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Poor background – inspirational:

Annadurai was born in Peravurani of Thanjavur district and settled down in Chennai. He wants to become a businessman but the poor family background situation forced him to carry out as an auto driver like his father and brother. But his business mind made him decide to provide services that any auto does not. This made him reach heights.

 OMR’s techie

Annadurai drives auto in OMR crowded by IT people. He provides the services of a daily newspaper, weekly magazine, business magazines, iPad, TV, Amazon echo, laptop, Samsung tab, water bottle, AWS deep, googles nest, etc. Isn’t this so shocking…the passengers react the same.

What entrepreneurship!!!!

He also provides free Wi-Fi which will keep his customers from being bored while waiting during traffic times. He says that his customers are his king and they have a satisfying journey in his auto. So, he wants to provide those services in order to make them so comfortable.

Annadurai’s popularity:

Annadurai provides the services for free because he intends only to provide a great experience for his customers. customers can watch the match and have their snacks. That sounds great right! So, he has attracted thousands of customers and also the corporate companies including Vodafone, Toyota, Royal Enfield, etc… which called him to give speeches about his business strategy. Annadurai was also invited to IIT and IIM to talk about his intentions in the business. Annadurai is capable of speaking English, Tamil, Malayali, Kannada, and Hindi.

 How ethical!!!

He has brought online payment facilities before demonetization as customers don’t bring changes so that they can swipe cards. Many IT professionals don’t have their breakfast. So, he provides snacks in his auto.

Anand Mahindra’s tweet:

Anand Mahindra shares the video published by a website and praised him for his excellent motive and strategy. “This man is not an auto driver, but a professor of management,” he says. This has been searched on the internet by many.