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“Brahmin community is displeased. They say me Anti-Hindu”, director of ‘Shyam Singha Roy’.


Nani is one of the leading actors in Telugu cinema. His films are positively received with blockbuster hits. In that sense, he has acted in Shyam Singha Roy filmed by Rahul Sankrithyan. This movie is based on rebirth. Many actors including Sai Pallavi, Kriti Shetty, and Murali Sharma are in the film. This film hits four languages Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. Recently the movie director Rahul gave an interview.

 He said that he expected the movie’s success in Telugu but he is amazed to see the movie hit Tamil hearts. Many have seen the film after its release in OTT. He is so happy to see many sharing their opinion about the movie on media. He planned to film the movie on the basis of a rebirth love story.

Rahul’s interview:

He said, He didn’t plan for a movie with a social message and didn’t think of a story with a Kolkata background. This idea was given by the story writer Satya dev. It seemed right and we took the second part based on Kolkata. As he is personally fond of Bengal’s art, literature, and culture. So, he created the story as a writer from Bengal. And when it comes to Bengal, Communism enters the story on its own.

A love story based on social issues:

In West Bengal in the 1970s communist activities were most prevalent. Charu Majumdar was planning the Naxalbari movement. On the other hand, the activities of the Communist parties were in crisis because of the conflict with the Congress party. We wanted to show communism to some extent for these kinds of reasons. This film does not need to be seen as a socially charged film.

A love story talking about community-based issues. As well as it is a love story that took place 50 years ago. We brought up the character of the Devadasi just thinking about all sorts of problems that went on in the community when the two fell in love.

Explaining Devadasi system:

Rahul said “Although Tamil Nadu has abolished the Devadasi system, the problem persists in many states such as Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, and Gujarat. I read a lot about the Devadasi system for the film. I came to know about Many Tamil Nadu militants, including Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy, who fought for the abolition of the Devadasi system and created the concept of a writer with a communist background as the protagonist. The film then shows writer Shyam Singha Roy having connected through letters with all the social reformers.


Issues after the release:

In addition, the movie has faced a lot of protests and threats after the release. Many found that disgusting. The brahmin community especially became frenzy about the story and people criticized that I am a communist and got money from the Christian missionaries for this type of story. But he neglects all the criticisms and is profound in making more films for people.