4 contestants were safe zoned – 8 contestants are shortlisted for Nomination

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The much-awaited Bigg Boss Ultimate show got off with a rousing start a week ago with a different storyline. Bigg Boss is the most popular show airing across India. It is telecasted not only in Tamil but also in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi.

Vijay TV has launched a new type of Bigg Boss show after the end of season 5. which means this Big Boss is different from the Big Boss that aired on TV. The show is titled Big Boss Ultimate. The Big Boss show aired on OTT in Hindi.

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14 contestants in the field:

The show has seemed to be telecasted for 24 hrs, unlike the usual show. Competitors from season 1 to 4 of Big Boss are participating in this.14 people including Vanitha, Snehan, Suja Varuni, Abhinay, Anita, Balaji Murugadoss, Dadi Balaji, Shruthi, Thamarai Selvi, Sharik, Niroop, Julie, Abhirami, and Suresh Chakraborty were present.  Vanitha’s pipe fight, Niroop ex-love, Anita-Thamarai -Julie’s gestures sparked a terrible controversy on social media. And since the start of the Big Boss Ultimate show, there has been a violent riot among the contestants.

Nominations in the show

Thus, they brawl at each other. They were nominated on the first day of the Ultimate show. Vanitha, Julie, Suresh Chakraborty, Abhinay, Shruthi, Snehan, Anita, and Niroop were on the nomination list. Since then Suresh Chakraborty has been eliminated first. Following that, this week’s nomination is over and 6 people are on the list to be expelled. Then at the beginning of the second week, the police-thief task is given.

Captaincy in the house:

Also, it is noteworthy that Suja Varuni was selected as the captain next week. Even last week, Suresh Chakraborty was appointed as captain. But, the next day as captain he left the show. He left his captaincy to Snegan before leaving. Similarly, To whom will Suja Varuni hand over the captaincy?

Nomination for the third week:

In this case, the task for the captain in today’s promo is all done. Vanitha won and became captain this week. In this case, the nominee task for the third week is underway. In the title of Who will you save, each contestant can save two by giving Rose. Those who get more Rose will be spared from this week’s nomination. In that sense, we can see who gave Rose to whom

  • Balaji – Abhirami, Niroop
  •  Snegan – Thamarai, Dadi Balaji
  • Niroop – Anita, Abhirami
  •  Thamarai – Sharik, Dadi Balaji
  • Julie – Abhinay, Shruthi
  • Anita – Abhinay
  • Dadi Balaji – Shruthi, Snegan
  • Abhirami – Balaji, Niroop
  • Sharik – Julie, Balaji,
  • Shruthi – Balaji, Sharik
  • Abhinay – Julie, Abhirami

Vanitha – Shruthi, Anita

Niroop, Snehan, Julie, Sharik, Anita, Balaji Murugadoss, Abhinay and Thamarai have been shortlisted for this week’s nomination list. Let us wait and watch who is going to be expelled this week.