Priyanka’s heart-wrenching speech on her dad after 13 years of his loss: 

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Even though there are many female presenters on Vijay TV, there will always be a few who are popular. Priyanka is currently the people’s favorite anchor on Vijay TV. Priyanka has the highest fan base after DD. Also, she is known as the ‘Vayadi’. His speech and mischief behavior soon captivated the fans. Due to this, she became popular among the people in a short period. He has hosted many shows on Vijay TV. Priyanka has been hosting the popular Super Singer show on Vijay TV for many years.

Priyanka’s marriage:

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Meanwhile, Priyanka was married to Praveen Kumar in 2016. Praveen Kumar is also a member of Vijay TV’s production. Also, Priyanka has been doing her anchor job after marriage. She has also hosted several shows on Vijay TV such as Jodi, Super Singer, Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru, Start Music. He is also a judge on the show Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru.

Priyanka in BB:

Priyanka got a chance to attend the recently concluded Bigg Boss Season 5. And there are only a few known faces of the show. Hostess Priyanka is one of them. Also, Priyanka played very well in this show. Although Priyanka was stuck in many troubles, she was popular among the people. Not only that but Priyanka came to Eviction many times but people saved her. Priyanka is not the title winner of Bigg Boss Season 5.

YouTube channel:

After the Bigg Boss show, Priyanka started her work as a hostess as usual. Not only that but she also has his own YouTube channel. In it, they are uploading comedy naughty videos he makes. Thus, millions of people follow him. Even recently, Priyanka was on her channel with looted videos made by Abhishek, Madhu, and Priyanka when they went to Bhavani’s hometown of Hyderabad. In this regard, Priyanka has recently received the Iconic Woman award. Priyanka started her career as a presenter and continues for almost 13 years.

Iconic Woman Award:

For this, she was recently awarded the Iconic Woman Award on behalf of the Galata YouTube Channel. Priyanka spoke very emotionally while receiving that award. In it she says, I am in this place beyond many obstacles. People have been seeing this face on TV every day for thirteen years. Proud of that, I’m so happy to have received the Galata Award for a pointing Galata woman. No matter how sad or troublesome I get on stage, I will be hiding everything worrying that it should make everyone happy.

Priyanka’s Speech:

This is what I learned from my mom. Even if my dad’s memory comes to my mom she won’t show it to us. Mom has sacrificed her life for me and my brother. If she was not there we would not be. I will give a lot of love to everyone who loves me as well. I will give my love to those who hate me. The bad comments came after the Big Boss show. It hurts me so much. Please do not bother to make the command. Following the virality of Priyanka’s award-winning video on social media, many people have been congratulating and praising Priyanka.