“You talk only about the kiss but Amir helped me a lot during the fracture”, Pavani reveals the truth. Video here:

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Vijay televisions reality shows are getting popular among people. “Bigg Boss” is one of them that recently ended successfully with its fifth season. Many changes were made and the wild card entry. It is telecasted not only in Tamil but also in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi. Also, the Big Boss show has been airing in Tamil for the past five years. Recently, the Big Boss Season 5 show ended successfully. Pavani Reddy, Priyanka, Raju, Niroop, and Amir were the finalists of Bigg boss season 5. Raju became the title winner as expected. Priyanka and Pavani came out with the consequent places.

Likewise, the medicinal kiss of Aarav and Oviya was the tabloid in that season. Now Amir and Pavani turned it to them. Many criticized them so hard even after the end of the program. Pavani Reddy captured the hearts of Tamil people through the Bigg boss show. she was also popular in television media with the serial Chinna Thambi.

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Amir and Pavani in Bigg Boss:

Pavani entered Bigg Boss and was playing intellectually. Amir was a wildcard entry. They both were good friends earlier but suddenly Amir proposed to her but Pavani refused and said he was her brother. But Amir continued to express and explain his love.

Kissing video:

Then one night a scene came up where Amir was kissing Pavani. Many on social media have been harshly panning Amir about this even after the show. Amir also talked about this. However, various criticisms have been leveled at their kiss. Pavani Reddy had recently given an interview to explain this situation.

Interview with Bhavani:

It is wrong to say that Amir became famous just because of me. He was playing efficiently. He is facing negativity only because of me. I was overwhelmed when he proposed to me. I didn’t know how to react. So, I just said him brother for fun. Many said not to call him a brother. I did not call him so out of respect for their feelings.

What happened that night:

Then we played just fine. That night, he came close to tell me ‘I love you’. They have edited and shown it in a different way. Honestly, Amir did not kiss me. Similarly, the kiss for Niroop was not incorrect.  The controversy arose that Amir had kissed me. In fact, he never kissed. Pavani is said that he came to me and said softly ‘I love you’.