Is the love or the kiss is true? “Embracement embarrasses” – Amir opens up for the first time.

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Vijay televisions reality shows are getting popular among people. “Bigg boss” is one of them that recently ended successfully with its fifth season. Many changes were made and the wild card entry master Amir became sensational from the task of talking about the past experiences of his life. He lost his father when he was one year old and his mother was being murdered when he was in 10th grade. This unrest the audience.
Later he starts living by himself and started a dance academy as per his mother’s wish. His first students were Ayesha and Alhena who transformed his life as their parents’ Ashraf and Shyji took Amir and fostered him.

Amir in bigg boss:

Then, Amir worked as a dance master through which he got the chance of entering Bigg boss. Raju became the title winner of season 5 as expected. Priyanka, Pavani Reddy, and Amir took the consequent places. Even after the end of the program Amir and Pavani’s unexpected kiss became viral on social media.

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Amir – Pavani ‘s surprise kiss :

Likewise, the medicinal kiss of Aarav and Oviya was the tabloid in that season. Now Amir and Pavani turned it to them. Many criticized them so hard even after the end of the program. At this stage, Amir opens up.

Amir clears the tabloid :

“Pavani used to sit alone and cry when I entered bigg boss. I felt so pity as she was alone getting into the I started talking to her and we came friends. I proposed to her but she refused and wanted to maintain the friendship. That’s her wish. But everyone shares many opinions about the kiss in the clipping.” He says.

“We are just friends” – Amir.

Amir says that the public comments that he kissed her in compulsion but if that is so it would have been an issue. “She didn’t refuse or complained about it. I kissed her in the sense of my love in that state of mind and everyone creates controversy with that. Our friendship is continued” He adds.