Voting, who changed at the last moment, was a contestant who escaped the thread-at last left competitor.

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Information about the person who will be out in the sixth eviction of Bigg Boss season 6 is going viral on social media. 47 days have passed since the start of Bigg Boss Season 6 on Vijay TV. In the beginning of this program 20 people participated like GB Muthu, Aseem, Asal, Robert, Ramasamy, ATK, Janani, Amudavanan, VJ Maheshwari, VJ Katiravan, Ayesha, Thanalakshmi, Raksita, Manikandan, Methi Oli Santi, Vikraman, Quincy and Nivasini, Sivin Ganesan. are with.                          

Then Maina Nandini came as a wild card entry in the first week itself. So far, GP Muthu, Metoli Shanti, Asal Choor, Serena, Maheshwari, Nivashini have left the show. From 21 contestants to 6 contestants, 15 contestants are currently playing inside the Bigg Boss house.

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Also, Bigg Boss entertains the fans by giving various tasks to the contestants to maintain the excitement of the show. That aside, there are some familiar faces to fans this season. In that way, Robert Master is a familiar face to fans. Face about Robert MasterKhan was more likely to be seen in Vanitha’s case.

Robert Master even tattooed Vanitha’s name on his hand when both were in love. He is currently participating in Bigg Boss Season 6. Robert Master has been keeping an eye on Rakshita since the beginning of the show. There is no limit to his jokes saying that love has no age. Master enjoys whatever Rakshita does. Wherever Rakshita goes, he follows.                  

But Rakshita ignores it and concentrates on her game. It went a step further and the video of Robert Master forcibly grabbing Rakshita’s hand created a huge controversy on social media. Due to this, many criticisms have arisen on him among the fans. Meanwhile, Robert Master is on this week’s elimination list.                     

In this case, the information about the person who is going to leave the show this week is now on social media. That means Robert Master is out based on low votes this week. Besides, Bigg Boss is saying double eviction this week. So I don’t know who that person is yet. In today’s show, we will know who is going out.