Azeem was ignored in Sun Kudumbam Awards…will he return to Vijay television?

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Azeem, the hero of ‘Poove Unakkaga’, is said to be dissatisfied as his name is not even on the nomination list for the award for Favorite Hero in this category.

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Azeem in Sun TV:

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Azeem initially started his career on Sun TV. Azeem, who starred in some serials including ‘Priyamanaval’, later went to Vijay TV. There he acted in the serials ‘Pagal Nilavu’ and ‘Kadaikutty Singam’. Then came back to Sun TV just a few months ago. The series ‘Poove Unakaga’, which aired at 8 pm after his arrival, aired at 10 pm.


The Big Boss show aired on Vijay TV on the ten o’clock slot for a few weeks even preceded the ‘Poove Unakaga’ series in the ratings and the channel celebrated it. He is thus confident that his name will be on the award race for Best Hero at this year’s Sun Family Awards.

However, his circle of friends says that he was shocked when the nomination list of 6 people including ‘Anbe Vaa’ Varun, ‘Siddhi 2’ Gavin, ‘Kannana Kanne’ Yuva, ‘Kayal’ Ehil, ‘Roja’ Arjun, and ‘Thalattu’ Vijay was released.

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His friends say:

“He won the Best Actor award on Vijay TV for the next two years. The series ‘Poove Unakkaga’ve got a good rating after he came on Sun TV. Even after the start of Bigg Boss Season 5 on Vijay TV, Vijay TV called him again. But he did not go there. He also refused to be called ‘Big Boss Ultimate’.Poove Unakaga gives importance to the protagonist. The fact that ‘Kayal’ serial hero’s name is on the nomination list, which doesn’t give importance to the Hero, has shocked him that his name is not even on the nomination.

The biggest shock for all was the fact that ‘Poove Unakkaga’ was the only category for Best Villain (Devi Priya) in the series. He believes that the serial, which was celebrated two months ago, now has the politics of some people within the channel with such a neglected background. That fact must be taken into account. “