Arshi’s false statement about her parents, makes trouble to her – Bigg Boss 11

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The stream of drama in Big Boss 11 getting more wild and hot day after day. The hot news and talk in social media are about Arshi Khan. Undoubtedly she is the one the best on the show and also she is getting huge fan followers. But as per the source reports says that the false statement from her in the show may bring her a trouble.


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Arshi Khan’s parents are living in the narrow street of  Jahangirabad in Bhopal. Arshi told in the show that she was from Afghanistan. Also, Arshi Khan told that she worked at Nursing home in Bhopal. She wants to become a modal and went to Mumbai in 2014. Also, Arshi Khan was not true in revealing her age.

Arshi Khan’s mother, Nadar has said that she is 26 years old now. Arshi Khan also said about her grandfather that he was the most defiant person in the city. He had 18 marriages and he had 12 children.

Whereas Arshi Khan’s father Mohammad Arman says that he himself did not know anything about his father, and also said that he is not sure why Arshi Khan is talking like this on the show.