Day Labor To Asian Games Medalist: The Amazing Journey Of Ram Baboo

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Baboo, who was raised in a destitute village in Uttar Pradesh, persevered in the face of adversity to win a medal at the esteemed Asian Games.

Ram Baboo’s journey from working for MGNREGA to winning a bronze medal at the Asian Games is very remarkable. Baboo, who was up in poverty in Uttar Pradesh, is a story of perseverance, unwavering hard work, and a steadfast commitment to his objectives.

The Lowly Origins

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Baboo’s family found it difficult to make ends meet in the destitute Behura hamlet in Uttar Pradesh. Baboo had to deal with financial hardships at a young age because his mother only infrequently provided support and his father worked as a manual worker for a pitiful income. Even if the academic world did not appeal to him, Baboo continued to dream of a career in athletics despite these obstacles.

The Tipping Point

When Baboo saw Indian athletes excel at the 2012 Olympics, a spark was lit. Inspired and impressed, he made the decision to start a sports career, starting with long-distance and marathon running. But after receiving some encouragement from a nearby instructor, he switched to race walking, which was not only less taxing on his knees but also a sport where his endurance was evident.

The Dream of Self-Financing

Baboo relocated to Varanasi to pursue his passion, where he began training and took on part-time jobs, such as waiting tables, to pay for his sports aspirations. He made connections on social media with organisations and people who could help him with his project, making use of all the resources at his disposal to get closer to his goal.

Battle and Resilience

His family faced financial difficulties amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ever the fighter, Baboo began working with his father on manual labour under the MNREGA programme. However, the track beckoned him, and before long he was back in Bhopal, winning national titles and steadily establishing himself in the field with his race walking skills.

The Magnificent Result

All of the difficulties, trials, and unrelenting effort paid off, as Baboo and Manju Rani excelled at the Asian Games, winning a bronze in the mixed 35-kilometer race walk team event. Baboo’s success served as both a personal achievement and a source of motivation for many others around the country.

Way Ahead

Baboo, who has excelled at the Asian Games, intends to switch to the 20-kilometer race walk starting in the upcoming season, demonstrating his astute planning for his athletic future. Despite having had a difficult upbringing, Baboo’s story is a testament to his unwavering spirit and unwavering will to succeed.