Alya gave birth to a baby boy before the expected date: Image here:

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Alya Manasa has given birth to her second child. Sanjeev and Alya are the most popular couple on the screen. Sanjeev – Alia made their screen debut with the Raja Rani series aired on Vijay TV. Alya played the role of Semba in the Raja Rani serial and Sanjeev played the role of Chinnaya. In addition, the Sanjeev-Alya couple has made a name for themselves among the people through this serial.

Also, it was during this serial that the two fell in love and got married. Last year they have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Their baby’s name is Aila. Alya, who took a short break after the baby parturition, is currently being lauded for the role of Sandhya in the hit serial Raja Rani 2 which is currently airing successfully on TV. Similarly, Sanjeev is starring in the recently launched Kayal serial on Sun TV.

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Blessed with Baby boy:

In this case, Alya was pregnant for the second time. She continued to act despite being pregnant the second time. But, soon Alya withdrew from the serial as the baby was about to be born. It is noteworthy that following Alya’s exit, Riya is currently playing the new Sandhya role instead of Alya Manasa. In such a situation she is blessed with a baby boy.

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Q & A session:

She has been answering questions from fans on her Instagram page for the past few weeks. She was then asked when the second child would be born. Alya replied, “The baby will be born in late April or early May.” But Alya Manasa has given birth to her second child before the expected date.

Similarly, on a recent Instagram page, a fan was asked what the second child to be named, replying to that she said ‘Laila’ if the girl is born and ‘Arsh’ if the boy is born.

No re-entry:

A few months after the birth of her first child, Alya Manasa came to act in the ‘Raja Rani’series. Therefore, it was expected that she would return to acting after the second child was born. In a situation, one of the fans on the Instagram page recently asked when will you come to Raja Rani, we miss you so much. Alya replied I am not going to come back to Raja Rani. Sandhya has given the shock that she will no longer play the role and the new heroine will continue permanently.