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Adam Pasha aka Adam Xara is a Bengaluru based LGBTQIA community member who has been the prime example of his community members. Adam Pasha is the first drag queen of Bengaluru has ever seen. He has gone through so many struggles, nightmares, and utter humiliations but he remains one of the most successful persons in his community. He was the title winner of Super Indian Pageant Queen event, which turned into the most beautiful moment of life, held in 2009.

In 2010, He became the first ever Indian to be crowned as the winner of International Super Queen at an event in Thailand. The motto of this mission is to motivate people from LGBTQIA and transgender community around the globe as they face various discriminations in their society. It helps to upbrings the social rights and equality of the LGBTQIA community people.

Adam Pisha in Bigg Boss Intro
Adam Pisha in Bigg Boss Intro

Adam was also one of the contestants of Kicha Sudeep’s famous Bigg Boss Kannada season 6. Along with several Movie celebrities and tv artists, he participated and earned people’s attention.

Name Adam Pasha
Real Name Adam Pasha
Nickname Adam
Profession Dancer
Date of Birth N/A
Age N/A
Zodiac sign N/A
Father Name N/A
Mother Name N/A
Siblings Shruthi Rajan (Sister)
Religion Hindu
Educational Qualification N/A
School N/A
College N/A
Hobbies Traveling and dancing
Hometown Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Nationality Indian
Married No
Brother Name Gaurav Kapil
Affairs/Girlfriends None
Current City Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Early life, Struggles, and Achievements

His early life is yet to be informed. As far as we know, he holds a bachelor degree in English literature and Phonetics. Somehow, he started his career as a drag queen in Bengaluru. He graced his moves on the floor and people loved him dancing. They even called him ‘Adam Xara’ because of his elegance in dance. He entertained his audience with his beautiful moves. However, it didn’t go well for him as he faced many facial and sexual discriminations by the people he used to live with. He could not continue what he liked because of the society was too intolerant to LGBTQIA community. At the time of his adulthood, there were no websites for adulthood advisories. He had no clue what to do. He had to introduce himself to the world and make people realize that being an LGBTQIA member is a normal thing. He found no platforms. Finally, he found something that could lead his life better.

Adam explaining his worth to others in Bigg Boss
Adam explaining his worth to others in Bigg Boss

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In 2009, He became one of the contestants of Super Indian Beauty Pageant event and eventually went on to win the title. But he still tasted the bitterness of life even after winning that. He left his parents and moved to Thailand which offered him a paradise. He participated in many Pageant events, modeling shows, and glamours. In 2010, He became the first ever Indian to win an International Super Queen title held in Thailand. Even though he won the title, he was still a criminal India.

Adam H Pasha
Adam H Pasha

There In Thailand, his life became what he wanted to be. He was offered to do many things like modeling and glamours. His Life was peaceful and happier than ever but it lasted long very short. He was shattered as his mother passed away due to cancer. He hurried back to India as Adam. Though he lived a super luxury life in Thailand, he had to be Adam in Bengaluru where he was still a criminal of his sexual orientations. He stayed there for a while with his homophobic father. As long as he was in India, he could not do anything. He flew back to Bangkok where he had three jobs in a day.

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Adam returned to India after his father died of cancer. He continues to do what he loved. He surrounded himself with people who respect him.

According to Adam, people from LGBTQIA Community have to be identified and encouraged, said in an interview. He added that Many People were driven to suicide or begging. Now, it is legalized to be an LGBTQIA member and The nation slowly started to realize how important is their rights. The eradication of article 377 Lightened up the people from LGBTQIA community, he said.

Adam Pasha in Bigg Boss Kannada

Adam Pasha is one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 06. He is the most controversial person of this season in the house. Will he gain audience attention ? To save Adam from eviction search “Bigg Boss Kannada Vote” and cast your vote.

Adam Pasha’s Hobbies: Travelling
Interesting Facts: He insisted that he would marry a guy if he wanted to be married.

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