An 80-year-old retired teacher helps to scholarships worth Rs. 5 crore to thousands of underprivileged students!

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When it comes to connecting with children and providing them with this information, 80-year-old retired teacher Narayana Naik has served as a conduit for the government and non-governmental groups that provide scholarships for underprivileged pupils.

From Karpi village in Bandwal taluka, Dakshina Kannada, comes Narayana Naik. But are you aware of his location? Put simply, he is present wherever the pupils are. In addition to going to the schools and colleges where the pupils are enrolled, he also meets them in their residences.

What encounters do you have? aids underprivileged students who are unable to pay for their education to find scholarships so they can continue their education. He engages with them, offering advice and assistance in locating scholarships that will help them. Narayana Naik was employed by the Government Higher Secondary School as a teacher. 2001 saw his retirement.

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This individual spends his days at the retired elderly people’s home with his son, daughter, and grandchildren and is actively involved in social welfare.
Narayana Nayak has supported around one lakh students under his direction by purchasing scholarships totaling up to five crore rupees.

I used to do this service when I was a teacher, but now that I have retired, I can devote more time,” he states.
Every day, Narayana Naik makes many trips to locate and mentor pupils. Out of his Rs 40,000 pension, he travels with over half of it.

The wonders of learning

Nayak has had a difficult time in school because of his low-income background. At home, there is no conducive atmosphere for learning. The fifth standard family has made the decision to cease studying. He begged, struggled, and went hungry before getting his father’s approval to continue his education.
Despite significant challenges, the B.D. completed his MA in Hindi and Kannada.
Due to his diligent studies, he has come to appreciate the beauty of learning. He firmly believes that education is the only thing that can help someone thrive in life.
“I had to strain a lot to learn. No other student should experience such misery. I made the decision to find underprivileged children who are motivated to learn and to support worthy individuals in receiving financial aid for their education,” he says.
Numerous non-governmental groups assist low-income students in their academic endeavors in addition to government subsidies for education. However, the kids are not aware of these details. He therefore made the decision to link worthy candidates with scholarship-granting institutions.

Increases pupils’ knowledge about scholarships. He offers full service, including locating underprivileged kids in need of help, learning about their background, confirming the information, filling out applications, and periodically checking the application’s status with the relevant authorities.

He also donates from his pension to assist underprivileged students.

“I could be eighty years old. However, I’m in good health. I’m able to go greet the pupils outside. I am well aware of the hardships faced by underprivileged students who want to pursue their education. Narayana Naik states, “I believe it is my responsibility to assist them.