Bigg Boss Tamil : Ramya Advice To Sendrayan


Bigg Boss Tamil promo video 1 for the day July 18 is released. In this video, Sendrayan is reading a letter and the whole video is about Sendrayan. Here is the video.

We all know that Kana Kaanum Kaalangal task is going on in Bigg Boss house. In that task, a teacher asked students to write a letter. Sendrayan was coming in front of everybody and started reading his letter.

The content of that letter is, ” First of all I need to thank Bigg Boss. In today’s lifestyle, most of the people forgot about the letter concept.” This is also shown in the promo. Afer that Riythvik saying that Sendryana wrote a very big letter but he said that he did not know reading and she appreciated Sendrayan.

In the next scene, Ramya NSK saying to Sendrayan that few people are saying that you are acting. You are trying to show yourself as an innocent character. If you are really innocent then no problem but if you are acting then you need to change.

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Bigg Boss Tamil : Ramya And RJ.Vaishnavi Talk About Snehan Advice


Bigg Boss Promo 2 for the day July 17 is released. In that promo Vaishnavi, Daniel and Ramya were discussing the Snehan arrival and what he said inside Bigg Boss house. here is the video.

In the first scene of this promo, Daniel Annie Pope said to Vaishanavi and Ramya that Snehan said you should be like you and you should act. Vaishnavi and Ramya said that we are like us only. We are not acting then how can he say that we are acting.

Ramya NSK said it is not mandatory to take Snehan’s advice. We should not live for him, we should live like our wish. We have given respect and invited Snehan but it is not required that he need to give advice to us. Who is he to Judge us. This is what Ramya said.

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