Tamizhai Yetriduvom – Official Song Video – G V Prakash Kumar | Sahayam IAS


Music director turned actor G.V .Prakash was too busy with acting but still managed to compose some music too. His previous movie has failed to earn a good score among the audience. But still he bagged with half dozens of movie which is ready to hit the screen one by one.

The music director come actor still had a good bond in music, recently released a track called “Tamizhai Yetriduvom” song which is penned by none other than our Sahayam IAS. The song looks like crowning the Indian language “Tamizh”. Take a look at this

Official Song Video of “Tamizhai Yetriduvom” Composed by G V Prakash Kumar & Penned by Sahayam IAS

Track: Tamizhai Yetriduvom
Lyrics: Sahayam IAS
Singer: G V Prakash Kumar
Music: G V Prakash Kumar