Big Boss 11: Puneesh Sharma was the winner of another reality show ‘sarkar ki dunia’


Puneesh Sharma, the young business man in Delhi joined the Bigg Boss show as a commoner which is broadcasting in colors TV. He grabbed the attention from the audience right from the time he starts romancing with Bandgi Kalra. Both of them often shared their love each other.

The video of Puneesh Sharma is getting viral in Social media, which most of us are not aware of. Yes, Puneesh Sharma was already a winner of another reality show called ‘Sarkar ki Dunia’ which was telecast-ed on Real TV channel.


This TV channel is no more available, it was closed down in March 2010. Turner International India, along with Alva Brothers Entertainment, launched this channel in March 2009 but it was discontinued a year later.

Talking about Puneesh Sharma, he had participated in the reality show called ‘sarkar ki dunia’ which was broadcasted on Real TV channel. The show had 18 members similar to Bigg Boss. Like the Big Boss, the members had to stay inside a house. As like Bigg Boss, there is a leader in the team who was chosen by the inmates, where leader can’t be nominated for eviction process.

In this show, inmates had to make a tax filing once a week, and the three members who paid the lowest tax were nominated for eviction. When this show reached the last four stage, viewers got an opportunity to make their favorite participants superheroes, including Puneesh Sharma, Rashid, Ali Mughal and Sanju. The finale of the show was aired on 3 July 2009. In which Punish Sharma won a trophy with the winner of Rs one crore. Ashutosh Rana used to host the show.

Benafsha Soonawalla reveals secrets about Priyank in Bigg Boss 11

Benafsha Priyank

Benafsha Soonawalla, who got evicted from Bigg Boss House last week, has revealed what exactly happened between her and Priyank which was most discussed in social media when we was inside the Bigg Boss House. Since after her eviction, she is keep saying that there was no such thing between her and Priyank.

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So here is what Benafsha says exactly about Priyank and Bigg boss 11 in her Instagram account.

So I got out of bigg boss and saw A hell lot of hate. I couldn’t understand why. Then I saw ONE, just one episode and I was like I can’t see any of it. I don’t blame you guys for hating on me. Cause y’all have no idea what actually happened, just like the housemates didn’t. Pri, you’ve always been my best friend but for you to make wrong statements in the house about this was the worst thing you could’ve done to me. You KNEW it was all a joke. Why did you. I’ve been in house arrest and quiet for 3 days and I’ve got to say it now because not just me but everyone that’s close to me is getting affected. I’m sure it must be the easiest thing to watch behind a screen and judge a person, we all do it, including me. If I was you, I’d judge me too. BUT there’s a difference. I was there for 24 hours per day and y’all got to see just one hour of it. Ever gave it a second thought? EVERY CONVERSATION WITH PRIYANK WAS IN GOOD FUN AND HUMOUR. I WOULD CATCH HOLD OF HIM LATER AND WE WOULD LAUGH ABOUT IT. I DID IT TO TEASE HIM AND MAKE HIM AWKWARD AND THEN I WOULD LAUGH ABOUT IT AND MAKE FUN IF HIM! THE LAUGHING PART WAS NOT SHOWN. Yes I genuinely went on his bed one night to say sorry, cried and hugged him slept next to him for a few minutes and as soon as I woke up I went in my own. I am from a little Parsi family and I lead a simple, fun, ambitious and chilled life. Talking about V everything was just to scandalise pri and then laugh about it. Yes my sense of humour is weird. For all the people saying I did it for footage and camera? My relationship with the camera was intact even before bigg boss and will be even now. I don’t see a camera and go crazy, it’s my job, I’m used to it. If I had to “fake” a relationship, I’m not a fool to keep mentioning V A LOT of times all through bigg boss and put a VS batch in my bed. All those Comparisons I did later, was AGAIN, to tease him and scare him and then laugh about it. I’m sorry it looked wrong. But it wasn’t. This is a message for the haters. Say what you want to me. I understand it wasn’t shown as a joke to y’all. But ONE word to anybody that I love and I swear lI’ll catch hold of you wherever you are.

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Deepika Padukone and Sunny Leone been in Bigg Boss 11

Salman deepika sunny

Bigg Boss 11 is getting wild and interesting day after another. After the recent pool party inside the Bigg Boss house, the report says that Deepika Padukone and Sunny Leone will make an Guest appearance in the upcoming week end Salman Khan’s show.

Both of them going to appear to promote their movie, Deepika Padukone to promote her Padmavati movie where as Sunny Leone to promote her Tera Intezaar movie.


It is well known that both had been regular visitors to the Bigg Boss Shows in the past. The report said that Deepika Padukone would dance for Angrezi Beat number, with an stunning entry in to the show. Where as Sunny Leone also did a dance performance which had added more hotness to the show.

Deepika and Sunny going to add more spice in to the show along with Salman khan. There is an elimination for one of the nominated contestant. Hina Khan, Sapna Choudhary and  Benafsha Soonawalla were the nominated contestants of the current week.

There is rumur where there is no elimation in this week, as there was double elimination happened last week. Otherwise Hina Khan might send to secret room where she can witness about how the contestant thinking about her and her game plan.

The audiance witnessed the recent hot pool party episode, where Hina, Bandgi and Benafsha entering in to the pool in bikinis. On the same episode, Bandgi won the captaincy by defeating her Boy Friend Puneesh Sharma.

Hope the week end drama would been much hotter this week.

Bigg Boss 11 episode 1, 2nd October 2017


Bigg Boss 11 is that glorious place where people go to fight. At times they are fighting because they have had disagreements earlier — here is looking at you Vikas Gupta and erstwhile ‘bhabiji’ Shilpa Shinde. Others are fighting for no apparent reason — we are talking about Haryanavi singer Sapna Chaudhary and Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law Zubair Khan. After that dust-up, Zubair happily launched into yet another fight, this time with club promoter Puneesh Sharma. Clothes were shed, threats were issued and voices were raised.

And then, Bigg Boss played ‘Tere Saamne Wali Khidki Mai’ and everyone started dancing. It seems the unwritten rule of Bigg Boss — as understood by its participants is — ‘maximum tamasha gets maximum eyeballs ensuring the longest stay inside the house’. Just how fruitful will be this ‘shock and awe’ model for its 18 contestants is yet to be seen. Till we know more, keep a headache pill handy. The die-hard fans, read on.

In other seasons, contestants take time to warm up but Bigg Boss 11 is in a hurry. Instead of a lazy introduction to its various participants, it is off to a flying start, which meant the three major fights we already mentioned and lot of other threats — mostly issued by contestant Arshi Khan. She is upset because the housemates have to cook for four padosis — Lucinda Nicholas, Luv Tyagi, Mehjabi Siddiqui and Sabyasachi Satpathy — as per a Bigg Boss diktat.

Ostensibly, the first episode of Bigg Boss 11 was about the birthday celebrations of erstwhile TV bahu Hina Khan and VJ Benafshir Soonawalla, but in reality the die-hards were rubbing their hands like Gollum and waiting for Shilpa Shinde to unleash her fury on Vikas Gupta. Or was it the other way round? It is immaterial, a good fight was enjoyed by all.

Some would say their arguments were juvenile but Bigg Boss viewers live for this stuff and there was more — so much more — on Monday. In fact, Shilpa and Vikas’ Monday fight was about Sunday’s fight making this a self-sustaining model for the next three months. That is the life expectancy of a Bigg Boss season.

Shilpa and Vikas continued the fight that began in the inaugural episode itself. While the other contestants arrived to see what was happening, Shilpa and Vikas launched into a heated argument, with the former TV programmer alleging that Shinde’s unprofessional behaviour had led to her bailing on four shows. He also called her a ‘psycho’ and ‘mentally challenged person.’

But fights weren’t all that happened on the first day. Bigg Boss introduced the ‘gharwale’ and ‘padosi’ angle to the season. The first ‘task’ involved the housemates cooking food for the neighbours, which provoked Vikas. He lost his temper and refused to prepare food because he felt that he was spoken to rudely by Luv, one of the padosis. Arshi also promised to add chillies to their food next time she prepares it.

Things are set to get spicy in here.

Bigg Boss airs at 10:30 pm on weekdays on Colors. Stay tuned for daily updates.

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